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I used to live on an Island in the Pacific Northwest and many folks have asked me …”what brought you here?” I honestly answer that it was a 1972 Chevy pickup that brought me, my cat and all my tools eastward as the comet HALE-BOPP led the way to my “new” home in Chatham County. I arrived in the spring of1997 and it was a dark and stormy night.

Truly it was.  My first night in my new home here in Chatham. I remember sitting on the back porch as a spring thunderstorm rolled through pelting the trees with bolts of lightning and rain.   It was the old Lassiter house.  Built in 1908, abandoned for 25 years and sitting alone on 450 acres off the Moncure road. There was no water or electricity, most of the windows were busted out and somebody had stolen the front porch.  There was a closet on the back porch that had a bunch of old leather children’s shoes.  I always found that strange. Some would have demolished the house and built anew but I chose to save it.

I have since worked on many wonderful homes, rich in history, here in Chatham county.  My all time favorite was helping Beverly Bland save her family home built circa 1860.  The saddest thing I ever worked on was saving a garage for a man whose home had burnt down.  It was his family home site and it was built before the revolutionary war.  Can you imagine that?  The house had evolved from a log cabin and in the rubble you could see the charred remains of hand hewn logs.

I do a fair amount of home repairs and general maintenance stuff as well as decks, kitchens, bathrooms, outbuildings, barns and additions. But we’ve also built and installed custom dog palaces, electronic gates, and even a giant mushroom-shaped pondside umbrella. I relish the creative process that finds solutions that satisfy a homeowners needs, and dreams.
Thanks Chatham and thank you for voting me the last BEST HANDYMAN in Chatham.