The bland intro

The end of the year is upon me and I find myself working on The Bland House.

Actually its not bland. Its this great farm house with two additions built around 1860.  I think thats the year.  From what I remember, I am the third crew to be working here.

Its my task to install the siding.  The siding is coming from Jackie.  1×6 Pine, one side planed smooth.   Of course, before you put on siding the trim boards should be up and before you put up the window trims you kind a gotta install the windows.  So at times our progress has seemed a bit slow.  

As of now we have nearly half the house newly  sided and while we wait for new siding to be cut we will prep the rest of the house.  what we are having to do is to reframe the windows to the size of the replacement window, and then custom build new sills and trim.  when the re- framing is done we will be insulating and then installing r-4 foam panels.  This foam has made siding installation interesting.



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