I was asked by Gloria to build a shelter for her billy goat. She needed to be able to isolate him from the females.  We built a 12’x8′ shelter using 5×5 posts, 3/4″ pine board and baton siding.  All the lumber was milled locally here in Chatham.  There is a 5′ opening with a sliding door and an interior farm gate for nice weather containment.  We also installed a 4′ interior wall so the goat could not “butt” down the siding.   We worked by generator with the billy goat and his daytime pasture companion, an 8/mo old puppy watching our every move.  Sometimes the puppy would “borrow” a tool or two but we would always get them back.  No one on my crew got shocked by the electric fence more than twice, proving once again the superiority of our species.



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