This is a studio for Walter to write novels in.  It is 16×14 and built on peers to lesson the damage to trees and it is sided with cypress.  It has a door way that is built on a 45 degree angle in the corner with an awesome wrap around cedar porch.  The interior ceiling is 6″ v-groove cedar with 4×6 cedar beams.  Absolutely beautiful!  The man has good taste and it gets even better!  The floors are 5 1/2″ reclaimed heart pine, the two round windows have stained glass designs and the cabinet work is all custom made.

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I took this video because I had no idea what was involved in setting the stones.  I just kind of figured you stacked them up and called it a day.  Boy was I wrong!

Joe Kenlan works his magic!

My many thanks to all who helped Walters vision become  reality.  Coy, Earnie and Titus for all your great work and Dianne Swan for her always beautiful creative cabinetry.  Gretchen Niver for her eye catching stained glass and Joe Kenlen for his great stone work.  Cheek Electric and Chatham heating and cooling for their great work  too!  Biggest thanks to Baroke Builders for their participation.

Many thanks to all.

One of my first sketches


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